The Process

We’ve been busy getting ready for the community open house on Saturday (University Mall – 11 to 3!) and you’ve been sending us your questions about the process and what to expect in Chapel Hill  2020.   We’re going to try to answer some of those questions here over the next couple of days, so please help us spread the word.  If you know someone who has been wondering what exactly Chapel Hill 2020 is, please send them our way!

Our goal is to provide enough structure and framework so making this plan real for June becomes possible.  The content and decisions?  They’re part of the process.

So, what is this process?  If you’ve picked up one of the schedule cards and read the fine print, you’ve probably noticed that we have theme group working sessions and theme group reporting out sessions.  At the working sessions, the theme groups meet simultaneously and work on an element of the plan (goals, strategies, actions….).  At the next meeting, the groups report out to each other, sharing their findings and identifying any areas for disucssion and synthesis.  As the theme groups work on the elements of the plan, the reporting out sessions are the glue holding the themes together.  At the end of the process, through this system of work and resolution, we will have one plan, not six.

Some of you have asked about the visioning data from the 27th – will it come back?  Yes.  At the first theme group meeting on the 27th, along with the survey information from the 6th and from the blog.

That data will help remind the theme groups of the issues and ideas that were important in identifying their theme in the first place.

What about outreach?  Diversity?  Making sure that everyone is a part of this plan?  We will have a cycle of outreach and reporting back built into each of the theme group meetings.  We’ve said all along that your interest in having broad representation is critical and we will dedicate time at the theme group meetings to hear what has been generated from the outreach efforts and we will share information from each meeting back to the community through individual meetings, electronic media and with our rapidly-growing network of community contacts.

We know there are more questions out there, and this is just a taste of the answers.  We’ll continue to put new information up here this week in an effort to help spread the word about what Chapel Hill 2020 will be and get down into some of the details.

If you’ve got a question, please post it here.