Snapshot of Assumptions

If you’ve looked through tonight’s agenda packet, you already know that the first page of the outline has a section for assumptions. 

If you’re curious about what we assume today, you can get a good look in the snapshot linked below.

Chapel Hill 2020_Fact Sheet_2-3-2012

Why would we blog about assumptions?  Well, they’re an important part of making our comprehensive plan a living document.  The assumptions – what we know about today and predict about tomorrow – are the basis for your goals.  When the facts change, our assumptions change and we check in on our goals.

One of the early directions from the Town Council, the Initiating Committee and the community was to make this plan real, make it responsive to changing conditions (remember 2007?  those assumptions changed!).

The draft outline has sections for assumptions, metrics and continual evaluation.  As our plan evolves, these kinds of check-ins will help keep it up-to-date.