Review the draft Rosemary Imagined Concepts and draft Vision Plan!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Rosemary Imagined: First Community Review Meeting this morning! We had a great turnout and received lots of good ideas, feedback, and questions! We will be holding another session this evening from 6:00-8:00pm in the Sky Lounge at Greenbridge (601 Rosemary Street) – you should drop by!

During the meeting, participants provided thoughts and feedback about the three draft concepts (titled Option A, Option B, and Option C) and the draft Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan.

Draft Concepts – Options A, B, and C

The draft concepts have been developed by the consulting team from KlingStubbins, a planning firm located in Raleigh. These concepts are based upon the community input and feedback received during the community meetings held in the summer and fall of 2013 and from meetings with property owners.

For a copy of the draft concepts, please click here: DRAFT CONCEPTS

Please review these concepts and provide your thoughts and ideas! What do you like about these concepts? What are you concerned about? Are these concepts missing anything? Let us know!

Send your thoughts and ideas to Meg McGurk and Megan Wooley at

Draft Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan

During the Rosemary Imagined community meetings, many participants shared visions for and ideas about the Rosemary Street of the future. These ideas were pulled together to create the draft Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan.

For a copy of the draft Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan, please click here: DRAFT PLAN

The plan outlines nineteen visions for Rosemary Street and provides a vision statement, a lead, partners, and next steps for each of the visions.

We would like your feedback about this draft plan! Do you have ideas for implementation strategies or next steps? Would you like to be an implementation partner? Is the draft plan missing anything? Let us know!

Please send your ideas to Meg McGurk and Megan Wooley at

Next Steps

We are currently in the process of gathering community input about the draft concepts and the draft Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan!

In early to mid May, the three draft concepts will be revised to develop one draft concept. A Second Community Review meeting will be held in late May or early June to receive community feedback about the revised draft concept and revised draft Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan.

Greetings from the Rosemary Imagined Project Team!

We hope that everyone’s 2014 is off to a good start! We are looking forward to lots of neat ideas, continued discussions, and fun gatherings in this new year.

We wanted to provide you with an update about the Rosemary Imagined project and let you know where we will be heading in 2014.

First, thank you to everyone who has participated in this planning effort thus far. We appreciate all the time, energy, and creative thinking that community members have dedicated to this process. We are excited about all the ideas we gathered through the polling sessions, pitch meetings, and conversations last year.

If you are new to this project, Rosemary Imagined is an innovative community-led planning initiative that will refine our thinking of how Rosemary Street fits into the development and growth of downtown Chapel Hill. This goal of this effort is to develop a vision for the future of the Rosemary Street corridor that emphasizes the Town’s focus on connections, choices, and community.

To see what’s been done so far, visit

Over the next few months, the Rosemary Imagined Project Team will be working with a consulting team, located in Raleigh, from the planning firm Kling Stubbins to take the input we received during the community sessions and develop these into two concepts. We will be holding a community meeting called the “First Community Review Meeting” on April 10th to receive your input and ideas about these two concepts. More information about the April 10th meeting will be coming soon.

After the April meeting, we will refine the two concepts into one concept, and we will again ask for your feedback about this concept during the “Second Community Review meeting” to be held in May/June.

So you may be thinking, this all sounds great, and I want to continue to be involved! How can I make that happen?

Here are a few ways to stay involved:
– If you have thoughts and want to share them, email Megan Wooley and Meg McGurk at
– Mark your calendar for the First Community Review Meeting on April 10th; more information coming soon
– Stay informed with the Rosemary Imagined happenings through the Rosemary Imagined blog which can be found at

We anticipate completing the Rosemary Imagined planning effort by Fall of this year, and we are excited about the upcoming months and the work ahead!

Thanks for reading, and please let us know if you have any questions!

Yours in information, conversation, and imagination,

The Rosemary Imagined Project Team

– Megan Wooley, Housing and Neighborhood Services Planner II, Town of Chapel Hill
– Meg McGurk, Executive Director, Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership
– Mary Jane Nirdlinger, Director of Policy and Strategic Initiatives, Town of Chapel Hill
– Dwight Bassett, Economic Development Officer, Town of Chapel Hill