Central West Continues Discussion

Last week, the Central West Steering Committee had a lively discussion about the concepts for the Central West Focus Area.

The three concepts prepared by the consultants are available here.

Concepts Presentation 6 4 2013_Concept 1

Concepts Presentation 6 4 2013_Concept 2

Concept Presentation_6-4-2013_Concept 3

For a larger image, click on the image of the concepts above.

The Steering Committee will meet again next week on June 11th from 7:00-9:00PM in the Tuscany Room at the Siena Hotel, 1505 E. Franklin Street. During the meeting, the Committee will look at new concepts that respond to the input and discussion from the June 4th meeting.

The Steering Committee also received some ideas from the neighborhood representatives who attended the meeting. Click here for this presentation.